September 19, 2010

Safety Theme Park Field Trip

This month's field trip was the Daegu Safety Theme Park. It was pretty awesome. The kids were able to watch videos (in Korean) that I think were explaining what causes disasters and how to react - like fires, earthquakes, floods, hiking accidents, and so on. What was really interesting is that the exhibits were very hands on. I took some videos to show you guys :]

This is an earthquake simulator - the kids had to turn off the electricity and gas line and then hide under the table. They were so excited! Later we walked through a "alleyway" with falling "brick walls" and debris on the ground.

The fire extinguisher simulator - the kids got to take turns putting out fake fires.

The Safety Theme Park was up the Palgong Mountain, so it was quite a drive, but the kids amused themselves, and by the drive home most were exhausted and asleep. This is Kyoung Mo and Olivia, he clearly has a crush on her, and its pretty adorable.

Kyoung Mo fixing his socks with great concentration.

Chloe, Chaeyeon, and Lucy

Olivia and Minseo sharing chips. All of the kids bring snacks big enough to share. They are so sweet about it, I can't even turn down really weird snacks I would have never picked out on my own, and just drink a lot of water to avoid the taste.

Edwin is a pretty serious kid most of the time, but occasionally he does a Hawaiian dance that is hilarious.

Edwin eating candies.

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  1. Oh my god they are so cute, I am obsessed with that picture of Olivia and Kyoung Mo. Definition of precious.

  2. Alright, I can totally understand these girls obsession with wanting to make babies with me now. Completely Adorable.

  3. Lauren, I have two more of the two of them in the van. I will send you them. They are adorable. He got in trouble for kissing the girls that day. Hah <3

    David, yes, you know my mom wanted me to have your babies. Its a blessing and a curse.