January 29, 2011


It is official - I have been in Korea for 6 months. I am happy to say I still love it. My house is very much my home, and I still adore my students. Its been difficult at times, most of all when my family had a crisis and I was not able to go and be there for them. It is hard to be away when you're missing people, but its harder to be away when something like that happens. Nevertheless, I am trying to focus on the positives, the places I love, the great people I have met, the new cultural experiences.

Packages from home really, really make me happy. I'm blessed to receive them from a lot of wonderful people in my life. David sent me a Michigan T-shirt; Tom sent me a ring and an ornament. I've gotten candy and letters, cards and postcards. Its been amazing. I love writing letters and sending little packages, so its nice to have so many great pen pals in my life. Of course, no one can send a better package than my mother. She recently sent me one with a scrapbook to work on, a Cannon Rebel I bought myself for Christmas, lots of cotton socks, strawberry carmex, and lots of other things I've been missing.

Every morning the sun from my kitchen warms my living room ,and Trenton sits quietly on the rug. She rotates slowly throughout the hour or so I get ready for work. Its nice to see our two routines continue.

This is hanging in my bedroom. Stephanie made it for me and mailed it months ago. I love it.

My mom sent these to me, my cousins Kelly and Jade painted them for me. They are abstract, and have awesome colors.

I bought a T-shirt in Thailand that was awkwardly cut. So, I cut out the print - a map of Thailand with labels written in Thai - and then cut out a pillow case. I had to hand sew it, since I don't have a sewing machine, but I love the way it turned out. I even added a hidden velcro opening so I can fold it up small and bring it back when I leave Korea.

Another thing that reminds me of my trip, some amazing postcards I bought there. They feature Thai monks and buddhist sites. They are partly in black and white and have mostly yellows and oranges. I was going to mail them out to friends, but loved them too much (sorry guys!)

Twenty-two little paper cranes strung up above my door frame. I thought my apartment could use a little more color.

I love having so much free time here, its nice to be able to create things, to read, and so on, just for the sheer pleasure of it. Now I am planning on working on a scrap book of my time in Korea. Since its quite cold now I am spending less weeknights meeting friends downtown for dinner, etc, and more time at home. Its nice to have something productive to work on.

Tricia arrives tomorrow. Two weeks together. I can't wait.

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  1. I am so glad you blog. It is nice to peer into your world. I love that you have made your place homey and have touches of love from home sprinkled around. I wish I could be there with you girls. Have fun. Lots of love.