October 4, 2011

Boseong's Green Tea Fields

Mara, Laura, and I went to the Boseong Daehan Dawon Tea Plantations. They are outside of Gwangju in Jeollanam-do.

Getting there: We took a bus from Dongdaegu Express Bus Terminal to Gwangju (on the same side of the street as the subway stop). It takes about 3.5 hours and costs 19,000 won. From Gwangju, we took a bus to Boseong (1.5 hours, 7,800 won). Then, we took a shuttle bus to the Green Tea Plantations (20 minutes, 1,100 won). Here are some useful time tables:

Schedule from Boseong Bus Terminal to the Green Tea Fields. The bus costs 1,100 won and takes about 20 minutes.

Schedule from Boseong Terminal to Gwangju

The admission to get inside the plantation is 2,000 won.

We walked up and around the fields, and it was a really beautiful area.

Of course, we had to get some green tea ice cream!

On the way back we stopped at "Da Beach," which is a nice hotel/wedding hall (I believe?), but also has a large jjimjilbang with green and black tea baths. It costs about 6,000 won and provided two towels each person. Getting there: take a cab and say "da beach-ee." If you're coming from the fields, it costs under 7,000 won. There may be a bus, but we couldn't find one.

I recommend spending some time in Damyang's bamboo forest and Gwangju if you are in the Boseong area. For some ideas, check out my post from my trip last year.

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