November 29, 2011

Seomun Fabric Market

In Daegu, the best place to scope out fabric is easily in Seomun Market. Unfortunately, the large building in the back of Seomun's main market burned down a few years ago. Now, it has been relocated a little farther from the market. My friend Erica has been before, and decided to show me around. It was an afternoon well spent.

Getting there: Take the subway to Bangogae Station. This is on the green line, one stop past Seomun Market Station. Then, leave out Exit 1 and walk straight. This is the building:

There are plenty of interesting booths, with an assortment of things to check out. We went in October, and there were plenty of seasonal items - from Halloween and fall prints to Christmas tree skirts!

For those looking to make winter blankets, there are booths with batting sewn inside.

Also, some have smaller swatches or pre-cut materials for a discounted price.

In my experience, all of the booths have used yards as measurements, and are even willing to sell them in halves. Feel free to haggle if you're willing to walk away from a print!

This wonderful woman was even willing to show me a competitor's booth with solid prints to match the print on the fabric I bought from her.

Now, my new goal is to make a duvet cover with all the fabric I picked up! It should be a pretty big task, but Erica's a pro and we decided to work on them together, as she wants to sew one, too.

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  1. Good for you!! LOVE the print. What color is the reverse? I am sure you will do just fine, straight lines is all you need to sew. How do you plan to close it? zipper, velcro, or buttons?

    love you!