June 22, 2012

Climbing in Geoje-do

Having gone to Geoje Island last year, I always knew I wanted to go back and see it again. Mike and I went along with a few of his friends one weekend to climb there and it was really beautiful. I only took about half of these shots, his friend Nik Wood took a lot of them for me. 

Learning how to play Korean drinking games. It is much easier to understand sober, I promise. 

Nik got some great shots since he took his camera up the wall with him. I really should get a case to put my cheaper camera in to do the same. 

I waited most of the day for my turn to climb.. then immediately got a foot cramp and had to eat some bananas before I was ready to try again. This is Mike helping me through the bushes at the base of the climb. 

Trying again!

Halfway there? 

If you haven't been, check out my old entry for lots more pictures and directions, link


  1. We're leaving for Geoje in a few days to teach there for a year. I'm really excited to see the climbing there!!!

  2. You will love it! What a beautiful place :]