July 24, 2012

ChildU in the Summertime

I've been neglecting my blog lately. Since I have been writing for the Daegu city government blog and Daegu Compass (the English magazine), I really have not done a good job of updating. 

To see the articles for the Daegu government blog, look here: http://globaldaegu.blogspot.kr/
I've posted about Manbulsa, Seomun's fabric market, Gatbawi, and Herb Hillz. I'll be posting at least three more articles for them before I go. If you haven't, check it out, the layout is really well done, and the blog has tons of other information for anyone traveling in or around Daegu!  

To see the articles I have written for Daegu Compass, look here: http://www.daegucompass.com/
I've recently published about my shark dive (in the July 2012 issue), and my trip to Japan (in the August 2012 issue). Expect a blog post or three on the Japan trip soon! 

My school has a gym teacher come in once a week and do physical fitness with the kids. He's always got new and interesting games for them to play, and they look forward to it every week. Sometimes, the games are a little intense - like tug-of-war on pavers! I was a little worried, but they all survived. 

Kindergarteners are not great at hiding their emotions. 

We did face painting for Children's Day a while back. I really have gotten better at it the longer I've been working with children. 

My director on the left, and manager on the right. 

We took a field trip to a park with a butterfly exhibit. 

These are the oldest students, Korean age 7. They are getting better and better at English, and can read very well now. 

Ann, my co worker is pointing out types of plants. 

Estel, another co worker, is ensuring the kids don't kill the butterflies. 

They are a cute bunch of kids! 

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