August 18, 2010

Apartment pictures!

** I am getting the internet at my house tomorrow! So, we can schedule skype times now! Please message/email/comment me if you want to skype and what times you would be available for that. Post in your time zone or mine - just tell me which one you are using!

In response to Alec's repeated asking, I hastily took pictures of my apartment and uploaded them. This entry will walk you through some interesting parts of their apartments, and show you were I actually stay. This is the entry way to my apartment - the first thing you see when you open the door. Directly infront of the door is a closet, which has shelves, and I dressed up with little baskets for socks and undies. I actually like my closet a lot, but decided not to post that online.

I have the couch and chairs covered with blankets because the furniture is really falling apart, and is pretty gross. I don't mind though, because the blankets are prettier and will be easier to clean. I have a TV; it doesn't work. Maybe when my internet is installed they will turn on the cable, though.

I really like my desk. I use it to get ready at, since my bathroom doesn't have plugs in it (which you will find out about later). The little bottles are vitamins, and yes I got the pretty earring tree in Korea. They really have the cutest things here.

My wallpaper is very... pink. But I don't mind too much, because it has some tan and grey in it, which seem to balance it out a bit. Also, my bedding is blues and purples, so it isn't overwhleming. I am really lucky to have matching sheets, as I had no idea what color the bedding was when my mom bought me the sheets :] I have a "hanging closet" also - but really it is just a rack that connects to the ceiling and floor by pressure. I have a mobile hanging from my light fixture, it spins constantly as my bed is right in line with the air conditioning and a fan. Also, I have really typical Asian style sliding doors for my bedroom, that I completely love.

My kitchen is small. I do not have an oven, just two stovetop burners, and a rice cooker. Honestly, I just eat grilled cheese or out every day, so it hasn't made me too sad yet. My kitchen also has a map of Michigan and pretty flowers.

Ahh, the bathroom, this is really interesting. In Korea most apartments do not have full showers, instead they have a shower head mounted from the sink. There is a bottom or lever you switch and bam! Your shower is on. When it is not in use, I face the shower head towards the wall, just in case I forget to flip the switch. This is also where the air conditioning drains into, so the bathroom can be damp all of the time if you leave the AC running. This is why there are not electric plugs in the bathroom. Also, hot water must be turned on. So, you click a bottom or two on this box and water turns on, one is for the shower/sink, the other is for the laundry, and the last one is for the floor - in Korea apartments are heated from hot water being piped through the floors. You can see the box in the picture shown earlier with the TV.


  1. Much cuter than I was expecting <3
    Obviously, you've done good work.

  2. Thanks! Your wallpaper is spectacular and your shower scares me. In terms of space, it's actually much larger than I was expecting. Do your windows open? Do you have a decent view of anything?

  3. Definitely bigger than I expected. Trenton made a cameo. :D

  4. cute place! I agree with everyone else, thought it would have been smaller. I would try to find another place for Trenton's litter box under a table with a tablecloth...just to get it out of sight!!!
    HUGS! mom

  5. Cute. :)
    I hope you're having fun. I like the earring tree and the bird cage mobile.