August 29, 2010

Seseong Lake

I am ridiculously behind in uploading pictures of the adventures I have gone on. This is Suseong Lake (a stock image of it from the internet), which I went to after my first week of work (August 8th, to be exact). Corinne took me out with her friends the night before, then we wandered around this beautiful park right in Daegu.

Of course we had to ride the swan boats. Jesse and Corinne were the best friends ever, because they sat in the front and therefore had to pedal.

Jessie and I are free riding in the back. All of us are pro's at boating safety. Jessie actually took all of these pictures, as I did not bring my camera. They turned out great, and she was nice enough to let me put them on here so you could all see them :].

Look at this hallowed out swan boat. A little creepy, but I like it.

On the lake there is also a little mini amusement park. Its full of 100 won rides, which are shaky old machines that are almost scary they are so rickety.. but there is also a newer section...

This is a rickshaw-style ride - they are animatronic teddy bears that walk in a set loop around the park. Creepy really, but there were tons of kids riding around in them.

Also, there were more traditional "amusement park" rides, which were more expensive but fun.

I am very behind in updating, so in the next day or two I should be posting pictures from a day trip to Gyeong Ju, the International Body Painting Festival, and downtown Daegu.


  1. aww, you look like your having so much fun!! by the way, I hate that pirate boat ride..I would have rode the rickshaw robots. love you.

  2. hi britney, thanks for the up-date ..i enjoyed !! especially seeing you !!! thanks i look forward to your blogs.. happy to see you having fun.... hugs,kisses and love gram

  3. Mom, yes, tons of fun. Loving Korea. I know you hate it, but the rickshaw ones were kind of sketchy, I doubt you would want to get in that haha.

    Grandma, love you too!