October 25, 2010

Daegu's Photo Biennale

Daegu's Photo Biennale was held this month, which is basically a huge photography exhibit. I ended up going twice, as it was a big exhibit and I wanted to spend some more time with the photos. Part of this was because of an exhibit called "Speaking Out Peace." This was featured as it is the 60th anniversary of the Korean War. It had one room of Robert Capa's war photography, including the Korean War, and another of various Korean War photographers. The name Robert Capa is probably familiar, he is famous for the quote "If your pictures aren't good enough, you aren't close enough" (refering to war photography) and being one of the only photographers at D-day (Omaha Beach in Normandy, France).

If you were wondering, the photo above was taken in Daegu before they changed the spelling. (you can click on the pictures to enlarge them, just click the "back" button when you want to return to the blog)

This is an American soldier being carried by the South Korean peasants that were used as artillery carriers during the war.

North Korean POWs

Military trials for the POW's

This is an American soldier accepting surrendered North Korean citizens. Look closely, you can see the soldier giving him a thumbs up.

This is a line of POW's walking on a landing strip.

This is one of my absolute favorites of the collection.

This was taken in Daegu, these are all of the taxi drivers celebrating after a victory.

This is Robert Capa's last photograph - he died shortly after taking it, because he stepped on a landmine in Vietnam.

The whole thing really was amazing. There were tons of other photographs that were not related to the war at all, but I decided not to post any because it really didn't touch me as much as these did. I don't want to distract you from the main attraction here, which is my cultural and historical education. Expect another post very soon about my trip to Seoul and the DMZ this past weekend!

To see more photos of the exhibit (with the names of all of the photographers), and of the Busan War Memorial (that I went to last month) click here to go to my Flickr page.

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