October 16, 2010

Saint Louis in October

Because we are having a big Halloween party and won't have classes the whole day, we are not going on a field trip this month. So, I decided to take some pictures of things that make me really happy around St. Louis. A lot of teachers are doing Halloween crafts, this is in the front entrance of the school - the one on the right is my favorite because of its bloody teeth.

This is a picture of an art project I had a class do this week. Rachael, my co-worker whose wedding was my last entry - is gone this week, so I taught three of her classes, including out youngest students that I do not teach regularly. They are adorable. Its like trying to get a basket of puppies to learn tricks, they are so cute and excitable. They really just wanted to play with my hair and play eye-spy the whole time.

I taught the same students a brainstorming class, where we talked about our friends and drew pictures of them. One of the students, Ally, told me to keep this. I wish I had brought my camera, because another student, Matthew, drew a picture of him and I. He had my clothing the exact right colors, and my hair was sticking straight back. I asked if it was windy that day, and he said, "No, its when I do this" and grabbed my hair and held it out straight. Pretty hilarious.

These I have had on my desk for a month or so. The one on the left is pictures made out of fingerprints, a berry and a monkey. Mimi is my director's daughter, I teach her class, but she likes to hang out in the staff room, and I give her things to play or draw with occasionally. Julie was my science student, but was moved to a class I don't teach. She is artistically talented, incredibly sweet, and very smart. I was sad to see her go.

I have awesome students. These are the girls in my A-Special class. Meaning, they are the highest level and oldest students we have at St. Louis. I teach them science, and they are brilliant. The one on the right is Lisa, my director's oldest daughter, I also teach a private conversation class with her. She wants to travel all over the world; I like her a lot.

I teach one class with two girls and six boys. They are a handful, but I really enjoy it. One of my students always incorporates his extensive studying. It breaks my heart, because he isn't one of the strongest students, but he always tries his best and has a positive attitude.

One of my last classes is three girls, two who are sisters (the girls on the sides). They are goofy and talkative, but sweet and hardworking.

I've grown to appreciate my students varying intelligences. Some struggle to articulate definitions verbally, but can express it perfectly in a picture, others may not be able to write perfectly, but can tell me everything about animals or cars. I thought it would be difficult to teach classes with varying intelligences and learning styles, but really it makes it more interesting. Its challenging, but thats what makes me feel like a worthwhile teacher. I feel like I can do my best to connect to students and try to give them more than just book learning. Teaching is not something I fantasized about doing my entire childhood, like some people did. But, I feel like this position fits well with my life and my long term goals. I want to learn as much as I can while I am here, become the best communicator I can, learn to appreciate and work with every style of intelligence, learn to adapt and be flexible, which is very necessary in this field!


  1. I love all of your students' artwork! They are all so creative. :)

    When I read the part you wrote about appreciating all your students and their differences in learning, I smiled. You are such a great teacher and a great person. I love you and miss you greatly, and I'm so proud of you and everything you are accomplishing.


  2. I think is is sweet that the kids want to play with your hair, although I am sure most of them have mom's with long hair. It must be a novelty that the texture and color is not what they are used to.