February 5, 2011

Lunar New Year

Earlier this week was Lunar New Year, and we had a party for our kindy students. Everyone dressed up in hanbok (or traditional Korean clothing). The foreigner teachers were provided outfits by our director, and Corinne and I had identical ones. They were beautiful.

The kids played traditional Korean games, some of which we lead, others they taught me. It was a lot of fun.

Corinne and I worked together for most of the day.

I love their traditional headbands.

These are most of my students in KE, my homeroom.

It is tradition to have very bright colored fabric with beautiful prints on it. I was not disappointed.

Then, we got Wednesday to Friday off work! Tricia arrived and we ran off to Seoul. It was a wonderful week. You can expect pictures from our adventures later, but for now, dinner!


  1. OHMYGOSH this is so cute! Your kids are adorable. I hope you're enjoying your Tricia time. I miss having the McSweeneys in my life.

  2. I loved these pics!! The colors are so festive. Can you imagine if that was how they dressed every day!! You and Corrine were cute too, but not very figure flattering. heehee. I miss the McSweeney girls too!