March 22, 2011

Busan's Temple by the Sea

This past weekend Corinne, Sean, and I went down to Busan. Saturday the weather was beautiful, so we went to this temple right on the water.

Lots of visitors leave small Buddhist statues or stack stones to make pagodas in and around the temples. Since this was on the beach, these huge rock formations had statues and pagodas all over them - on top and in small crevices.

This is a popular Buddhist symbol and is used in most of the temples.

The roofing was especially intricate here.

On Sunday, we had more adventures planned but the poor, rainy weather convinced us to stay inside instead. We got some very authentic Thai massages and went to a beautiful, clean jjimjilbang. I think I've described them here before - they are public baths. There is a bathing area with different temperature tubs that is gender segregated, and a communal areas with saunas and varying temperature rooms. This one in particular was unique because it is the largest in Asia. Also, it has so many different saunas and an outdoor hot bathing tub; it was incredibly relaxing. The best part might be that it has a rule - no kids under 14! It felt like a 5 star hotel spa, really. I really wish this one in particular was closer to Daegu, but settle for less glamorous ones while in town.

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  1. did you rub Buddha's belly? The place looks beautiful.