April 24, 2011

Dinners and Drinks

One of the facts of life in Korea is that good friends come and go. My close friend Geoff went abroad for a few weeks between contracts and Corinne is going back to the states in a week. Lately, we've been eating out and celebrating all the time we have left together. This has infringed on my time for cultural outings, but it has been well worth it! Here are a bunch of photos from the last week or so.

Geoff and Chevelle at Big Shovel for Korean barbecue.

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See? They cook it on a big shovel.

Chevelle, Geoff, and Laura

Geoff and Corinne

Goodbye hugs all week!

Chevelle, Corinne, and I went to Seoul for the weekend.

We rocked the Korean "fashion glasses" for the night. They are fake - lenses without prescriptions. A lot of Koreans wear them, which I find mildly humorous, but it was fun to wear them for a night.

I met Yeonyi, Geoff and Chevelle's friend, and think she is fantastic.

We slept all day on Sunday, haha.

We went out for movie night at Communes, since Geoff flew out the following morning.

After a week or two of good byes, we had to say our actual goodbyes, hah.

Chris and I

Movie night, hanging out.

One thing I've learned in Korea is how quickly you can become close friends. Life aboard is a different situation, and you learn to appreciate the time you have together. Geoff and I have become fast friends and I am sad to see him go. He's introduced me to a handful of amazing people, and we always have a fantastic time together. Luckily, he will be back before the end of my contract! I'm looking forward to having him back in Daegu.


  1. love the pictures, my favorite is you in the up-side-down fashion glasses!!!

  2. Think you just melted my robot heart a little :)