April 28, 2011

Police Station Field Trip

This month's field trip was to a police station. The kids tried on miniature uniforms, got to check out a police motorcycle, and saw this huge room full of screens steaming CCTV. In Korea, they have a lot of CCTV (closed captioned television) which monitors the streets and most buildings. It was totally creepy seeing the other end of the camera.

This is the new KE class - if you remember pictures of the former KE students. I am their homeroom teacher.

KA, the youngest kids, waiting for their turn.

James, he is in KE.

KA on the bike!

Ruby and Anna from KR

All of KR

Jinny in KA.

Ally and Matthew in KE

Walls of screens.

Hope everyone back home had a great Easter, by the way. Thanks for all the cards and candy!

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