June 9, 2011

Busan Sandcastle Festival and Geoje-do

This Monday was a holiday, so Chris and I went on a trip for the long weekend. First, we went to Busan for the annual sandcastle festival. Here are some of the memorable contest entries...

Geoje Island is beautiful. There are black pebble beaches and giant hills covered in deciduous forests. I'm really glad we went.

We ate some very authentic Korean seafood. This seemed to mean fish cut in half and grilled: lots of bones and scales. Chris loved it, and I did my best to ignore the fishy parts hah.

The black pebbles were perfect shapes and sizes for skipping stones.

The next morning we tried to go on a boat tour, but it was sold out. We opted for "Artland" to see the natural rock formation and traditional Korean art.

For some reason, phallic objects are traditional Korean symbols in art.

We saw some pretty lakes with duck boats.

Next we hiked up to a waterfall.

It was an excellent weekend, and I think I will go back to Geoje-do again.

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