June 1, 2011

Samsung Lions

This past weekend Rui and I went to a local baseball game. Before it even started, I was hit in the side with a fly-away practice ball. There were VERY minimal nets up to protect the fans; this is another example of Korea's different safety standards. Don't worry, mom, I turned out to be just fine.

Tickets were super cheap, but if you wanted to get in, you had to get there super early.

The mascot, and a close up of one of the players' names in Korean.

It was packed! People were sitting on staircases and in aisles - which made me think of their lax fire and safety regulations...

Samsung Lions won the game, 3-2.

Cards I drew and sent out for Buddha's birthday.

Cards people sent me that I cut up and used to create tiny notebooks with. Here is the car and the oragami paper I cut to fit.

Then I hand stitched the pages into the cardstock. Easy as that.

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