July 6, 2011

Drinks and such

Here are some shots from downtown over the last month or so. They're from all over - Laura's and Blair's cameras, too - and have been taken by random people.

If you see me out anywhere with a jenga game- I will be playing, no doubt about it. Korea does an impressive job of stocking activities at bars.

Geoff came home, finally! Rui occasionally destroys my jenga games out of jealousy (due to my mad jenga skills).

One time, Laura broke her foot. She was a trooper, though. Now her foot is healed and she is happier.

Mostly I go out on the weekends to get an alcoholic juice box - drink in a bag, and Greeks Kebabs (which are really gyros to me).

The fake glasses have come out of retirement.

For Canada Day, we became professional wrestlers. It was very patriotic.

Blair, my new coworker, is fun.

Rui and I drink pitchers of beer bigger than his head.

Only in Korea would I take the elevator upstairs to the bar.

There is always something to celebrate.

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