July 25, 2011

The last days of work at St. Louis

I am officially finished working at St. Louis, my employer for the last year. Now I am in Michigan visiting everyone and I wanted to post pictures from the last week or so of my students and coworkers.

Getting a drink with my foreign coworkers - Pete wouldn't be in the shot, he took the picture ha.

The entire St. Louis staff at my going away dinner.

Kelly and Olivia, two girls I taught until this past March. Now they are in elementary school and seem so grown up.

The girls and Julia from EB. Julia is the sweetest student in the entire planet.

EB, one of my all time favorite classes.






KA playing in the gym

Jinny is great at jumping

Joseph dancing

In the elevator, going to OZ gym

AA, Hair Braiding 101

Martin and Mina

KE making bouncy balls in Science Lab

KA growing coral for Science Lab

EA learning to live without opposable thumbs for our adaptations lab

KO's bouncy ball lab

EN1 working on phonics

KR made monkey masks

KE working on science workbooks

More monkey masks with KR

Jinny being silly

Joseph and KA made little fingerprint ants

It has been a great year. I know I will miss my students immensely. Its been an amazing experience - watching them grow up while improving and developing their English skills. My students truly are brilliant, and have taught me so much. Luckily, I will be back in August and will be able to visit the school.

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