February 16, 2012

Vietnam - Vung Tau

I couldn't leave Vietnam without spending the day at a beautiful beach. Lots of tour companies touted popular beaches around southern Vietnam, but I wanted something different. Vung Tau was mentioned around the tour websites as less crowded and clean, so that is where we went.

Vung Tau is easy to get to - simply go to the hydrofoil station on the Saigon River and buy a ticket. There are a handful of companies with plenty of boats leaving throughout the day. Although we went for a day trip, there were plenty of hotels and resorts in Vung Tau for overnight visits.

We were dropped off by the port, so we had the chance to walk around and look at the fishing village nearby.

This photo was taken by Rob, who went with me on the trip.

One of the most beautiful parts of the beach was the mirror-like surface on the wet sand, reflecting the sky and creating an endless stream.

Lots of vendors wandered down the beach, trying to sell everything from fruits to seafood.

Getting back to the station in Vung Tau was easy- we paid a few bucks to a guy on a moped who had us there, safe and sound, in minutes.

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