April 9, 2012


As some of you may know, I spend quite a few weekends a month in Jinju. My boyfriend, Mike, lives there and so I have gone a handful of times. To be honest, we rarely are good tourists in our towns. Recently the weather has improved, though, so we spent the afternoon at the castle in Jinju, which is called Jinjuseong.

Like all memorable sites in Korea, it has beautiful paintings.

For some reason there were people doing some sort of reenactment, which was cool to watch.

Mike is smaller than the dragon at Jinjuseong.

This is the river running through Jinju.

If you follow along the castle walls, there is a great view of the city.

There is a small temple inside the castle.

Although Jinju isn't a major tourist destination, it is famous for a lantern festival held in the fall. I haven't been, but might go this year. It was nice to finally get out and see some of the city.

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