May 1, 2012

Rock Climbing in Samcheonpo

My boyfriend, Mike, likes rock climbing. Previously this had been something of a mystery to me, something I did at camps as a child, indoors on a plastic wall, away from real rocks, dirt, and nature...  But, since the weather is perfect and he is addicted, I have spent quite a few weekends trying it out. Here are some pictures from a trip to Samcheonpo with Mike and his friend Eoin. 

Here is Eoin, notice the rock doesn't go higher than his body? He is lead climbing, meaning he is clipping in the rope every few moves into bolts on the wall. Eventually, when he reaches the top, he will put the rope through a clip, which allows the next climbers to go straight up, without worrying about the gear and everything else. Top rope is easier for me, because if I fall, I only fall a matter of inches, rather than the possible feet down to the previous bolt. 

Mike gracefully swinging around the overhang. This is a part of climbing I truly do not like - overhangs are not my friends.

Nice and safe with my top rope and harness on, don't worry, Mom!

I wouldn't consider myself very good at it, but climbing can be a fun afternoon spent in a beautiful place. 

The person on the bottom is harnessed in as well, since they are controlling the rope and ensuring that the climber doesn't fall. Also, Mike likes to eat turtle feet. 

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