May 6, 2012

Working at ChildU

My new job is a kindergarten teacher at ChildU. This is a private academy chain focusing on elementary students. My location recently started a kindergarten in the building, and I was hired to be the primary, full-time English kindergarten teacher. It is nice to be back at a school where I can get to know the students. I am lucky enough to have great co-workers, lots of resources, and support whenever I need it. Today marks 2 full months of employment here, and 20 months living in Korea. I am happy with the change. 

Here are some shots from my first few weeks...

Art class

 Sculpting with clay

Painting with an afternoon kindergarten class

Science lab with afternoon kindergarten

Cooking field trip

Going to see Hansel and Gretel, a play

This is all of the morning kindgarteners. The program is still growing, we have had two more kids join the morning since this shot was taken, and have interviews for 6 more! It is nice to work at a school that is expanding and improving. 

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