December 3, 2013

Snail Mail Collective

In November I did something I had never done before, signing up for the Nectar Collective's Snail Mail Collective, a blogger exchange.

 I love mail. I love getting it (who doesn't?), but I adore sending it. I stop by the stationery store weekly to browse - Asia, as a rule, as the absolute best letter sets. I send letters out every other week, postcards with quick notes to full on packages. It brings me joy to touch something, hold it, and carry it around with me, to write out my love and ship it away to the other side of the world. So when I saw their Snail Mail Collective, I knew I was committed. They are wonderful and organize it all, picking a theme and pairing people up. Our theme for November was, of course, gratitude. We're given blog links and email addresses and about 2 weeks to connect via email. The limit is $5 per package which makes it affordable for anyone to participate.

I was paired with Lauren, from My Passion Journey. I had a hard time deciding just what I should send her, because there are just so many things I am grateful for. I'm not sure if she has received my package yet, so I really don't want to give it away! But, I can tell you wrapping her package gave me lots of wrapping inspiration and I used the same theme for my family gifts this year, which are already flying across the world as I write this.

Lauren is really sweet. We discussed traveling, her recent trip through Europe made me really want to go back! She gave me lots of inspiration for different life plans, which I am always seeking out. She mailed me what she is grateful for, her favorite lip balms, and an adorable little notebook. I've been using it to take notes on bus times and train stations since its small enough to tuck into my bag or pocket. Check out her blog if you want to follow her weekly search for beauty in the every day, uplifting quotes, and her regular chronicles of goals and dreams that remind readers to be constantly seeking improvement.I especially loved her post on the reasons to move to Phoenix! I'm always looking for an excuse to move, and she gives plenty!

If you're sold on signing up for the next Snail Mail Collective exchange, check this link. This will be the last one that they host, so sign up before December 7th to get in! The theme will be travel, so it will be hard for me to resist participating again. 

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