December 2, 2013

Keelung, Taiwan

I have had the north coast of Taiwan on my list for a while, especially Nanya Rock Formations. They are a little out of the way, and I couldn't figure out if there was a bus there or if it was only reachable by taxi and private cars. Since I didn't really know where to go, I didn't know the best train to take and ultimately I bought a train ticket to Keelung thinking I could get a bus to the rock formations easily. I didn't realize Ruifang would have been a better choice or just how far that bus ride would be. But, when the bus pulled onto the expressway along the ocean, I just got off. It was so beautiful there, I couldn't stand to be waiting for something better. I didn't know where I was or how I'd get back to catch my return train, but the weather warmed up, almost 75F, and the skies were blue. I decided there was absolutely no where more important for me to get to than the ocean and that it would sort itself out. And I was right. I spent the day watching the waves come in, the fisherman carefully balancing on the rocks, and children running around flying kites. I wandered from the very edge of Keelung, by the Wanghai Fishing Harbor to the Fish Market. I grabbed a bus to return to the train station just in time to get whisked away.

I found it surprising how many lights the fishing boats have, but yesterday I discovered why. I'll be posting an entry all about this soon. 

I love these rocks, the colors are just perfect. 

I'm not sure why this is here, as neither side is accessible by a road intended for people. I found it beautiful and spent a long time relaxing here, reading my book.

The water from Keelung is really beautiful. I have heard Hsinchu's port is not as pretty, so I will probably procrastinate that trip to stave off disappointment. This will be hard to beat as I really loved Keelung. 

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