May 5, 2011

Corinne's last weekend

As I've mentioned before, Corinne's gone back to America. Its been an emotional week, but I'm happy that she's back with her family and pursuing her career.

Sad faces for Corinne's departure.

I was going to post some big paragraph about how much her friendship has meant to me, and how thankful I am to have been able to meet her... but she already knows everything about it and understands how I feel. Anyone who has read my blog has seen the pictures and knows already. So I will keep it short : She's a fantastic friend and has helped me see Korea in a way I might not otherwise. I've made tons of friends through her, I've seen tons of places. I couldn't ask for a better friend or coworker. She's enlightened me about teaching methods and life in general. I'm sorry to see her go but am excited for her future plans.

Of course, the final lesson I've learned from Corinne is the reality of life abroad. You meet people and form connections, but inevitably they leave. Everyone in this field has to cope with the loss of friends on a regular basis, and it is a hard concept to swallow. For every friend that leaves, you make more though. I've been lucky enough to have a solid, close group of friends, and every week I meet more great people. As hard as goodbyes are, I'm happy to be here. I'm happy to be experiencing all of this.

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  1. I'm sad she's gone too! She took me out for ice cream. I wish her the best of luck!