May 30, 2011

Field Trip to the Zoo!

This month we took a field trip to the zoo in Daegu.

Hahah. Bros.

Blair, Corinne's replacement, KR and Ms. Mina.

James and Ellie from KE.

Ally from KE thinks that the zebra is stinky.

KA posing on a bench.

KA using the buddy system.

Ms. Mina led a game for the students who were finished eating. It was a game that combined "red light/green light" and spider tag. The kids were very impressed.

Frozen, waiting for Ms. Mina to turn again so they could run towards her.

Bears, passed out in the only shade from the hot sun.

Goofing around after lunch.

The very exciting elephants.

From what I've gathered, the zoos here have very small accommodations for the animals. This was the case in Daegu's zoo. It was mildly depressing, so I tried not to post many pictures of the animals. The kids were thrilled nonetheless. It was nice to see them playing outside and excited about everything. Overall, I'm glad we went because it made the students happy, but I wouldn't recommend a friend going for their own enjoyment.


  1. I agree that it's depressing that the animals are not given enough room to live comfortably, but it is the kids only opportunity to see some of these animals. Every country has their own standards, as I am sure your very familiar with. This is no exception.

    I love when you post pics of the kids, they are adorable and I get a kick out of them.

  2. What is spider tag? It sounds very exciting.
    Also, did this zoo have animals?

  3. Mom, the kids loved the depressing zoo. I was a good sport. I mostly took pictures of the kids and tried to be excited for them.

    Tricia, yes, there were animals - I posted pictures of passed out bears and elephants. Most of the animals were in cages with plastic stuff around them, so the pictures were not great. Also, like I said, the cages were tiny - I didn't want to take pictures of the depressing state of the animals' habitats.