September 28, 2011

Herb Hillz

Last weekend Pete, Laura, Blair, and I went to Herb Hillz! This is a "natural theme park" in Daegu, which is known for its ropes course. There is a lot to do there - tons of cheesy photo ops and typical kids camp stuff like horseback riding around a circle, arts and crafts, etc.

Eco Adventure is the name of the rope course, and they have several to choose from. We did the King Kong course, because it is the longest and seemed to have the most ziplines.

Getting there was fairly easy. We took the Rapid 2 (the red bus) from Jungangno (the stop is across from Quizno's). You should get off at the stop before Spa Land.

When you get there, go sign up for your training session right away. They have training every few hours (we went at 1 pm, there was another at 3), then you can wander around the park until your turn. It costs 4,000 Won to get into the park, and another 15,000 to go on any of the rope courses.

They also have a petting zoo!

It featured a box of puppies, which was fantastic.

There is a section of fair style rides, and most are aimed at children. This is probably also designed for kids, but they let us go in it! It's 4,000 Won for a few minutes in a giant inflatable ball in a shallow pool. You mostly float around, run, try to stand up, and do somersaults.


  1. Wonderful pictures. I will be heading to Daegu this weekend. My wife and I are planning on going to Herb Hillz. Hopefully there will be no rain.

  2. Make sure you wear pants and closed toe shoes! It should be a great time :]

  3. Hello Britney! So, uh, a little confused. We're couchsurfing this weekend with a friend on the east side of Kyungpook National University in Daegu. Would you know by chance where and what bus we take?

  4. Never-mind. Found the place just fine (used red bus line no. 2). Had a blast. Thanks for letting the world know about it. ;-)

  5. James, I use italics when I'm giving instructions or directions somewhere.. I'm glad you found your way, but am curious, were my directions not clear or did you not see them in the entry? Thanks for the insight!

  6. this all looks so interesting. Glad you are able to experience it.

  7. Depending on where you're coming from, the directions did not help. We came in from a small village called Yeongha. We stayed with a friend in Kyungpook National University. From there we went to Daegu Station. From there we got on red no. 2. I knew we were on the right bus when I saw it was red (as you mentioned). But I cannot read Korean, so I didn't realize it said "Rapid 2." All I saw was red and the number 2 and thought "Eureka!" Didn't see a Quizno's, however. Since we are all the adventurous type, maybe next time we are in Daegu we should connect. I'm sure you are an excellent tour guide!