September 26, 2011

A quick trip to Apsan

Last weekend Blair, Mina (my old co-worker from St. Louis!), and I went to hike up Apsan. The plan was to hike up, watch the sunset, then hike down. The problem was that Saturday was hot, and when Blair and I left Sunday, it was warm.. by the time we went to go hike, it was freezing! It was raining intermittently and very windy. We decided to take the cable car, get a view of the city, and hurry home.

It was slightly disappointing not to actually take the trail, but the cable car is great because it is open all year. You can get an awesome view of Daegu even when the weather isn't conducive for hiking.

Getting to Apsan is easy. Take the 401 Bus, it's the last stop. There is an information center on the path, and you'll pass a little museum on the way. The cable car is 8,000 Won for a round trip ticket.

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