October 30, 2013

Like our imaginations were in shape then

The temples here are so whimsical. I find myself photographing the roofing from every angle, changing all of my settings, trying to capture the vivid colors and meticulous detailing. This shot is from two weeks ago, wandering around the city with a friend from couchsurfing. We realized it must have been a Buddhist holiday, because even the smallest temples had performances and ceremonies going on all day. I hope to do a temple stay over a long weekend to understand the Buddhist culture in Taiwan a little better and also just experience something very different and out of my comfort zone. Culture is best understood by active participation, in my opinion. I love seeing the temples and watching ceremonies from a distance, but the opportunity to be there with monks and learning exactly what each thing means... that is one of the privileges of living in Asia. I missed out due to scheduling and laziness in Korea, so I refuse to let that happen again. Now I am just waiting until I can take off a Friday and sign up to go! 

I've been wishing I had a video camera daily. I've decided I have to upgrade my DSLR so I can get a video recording function in it. I think it will change the way I share my experiences and give me a new way to relive these moments. 

Watch this and be completely impressed; I've been playing it on repeat today. It is the same guy who went viral for his "Porkchop vs Karate Chop" video. 

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