November 29, 2013

5 for Friday: Heidelberg Project, Detroit

If you keep up on Detroit news, you probably saw that the third Heidelberg house in under a month went up in flames today. If not, you can read about it here (link). You will notice that it says an investigation revealed what we all suspected, its arson. Someone is targeting one of my favorite places and destroying public, accessible art that transformed a strip of abandoned homes. I think its shameful and wrong on so many levels. I implore you to think about the value art has to you, the value freedom of expression, the value rebirth and revitalization has to you. Donate what you can afford to get the Heidelberg the security it needs to preserve the remaining houses. Donate at indiegogo (link)!

Part of the reason I wanted to post this was a similar artist's transformation of their own home community in Taichung, Taiwan. See the photos I posted recently (link). 

Want more information on the project? Check out their website (link).

And one more time, in case you changed your mind... donate at indiegogo (link)! 

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