November 8, 2010

Daegu in the Fall

It is fall in Korea, and I couldn't be happier about it.

This weekend I went hiking with my friend Evan in Daegu. We were attempting to climb a trail to Gatbawi, which is a famous Buddha statue, but didn't end up making it to the top. Its a pretty long trail, we started late in the day, and didn't prepare for it ahead of time.

We did end up making it to a beautiful temple, however, which I loved.

This is Evan. Don't let the backpack fool you, it did not hold hiking gear.

Evan took this picture of me. I like it a lot, even though I look awkward in it.

The following day I went to the Daegu Arboretum with Corinne and Shelley.

There was some sort of festival going on there that we were unaware of, but it involved giant flower animals.

A dragonfly landed on Corinne and wouldn't leave her shirt. I think its a beautiful brooch.

There was also a huge glass greenhouse with cacti. It reminded me of the Frederick Meijer Gardens, which I miss.

This is Shelley. We threw leaves in the air together, it was great.

Corinne took this picture for me, so I could show you guys some more Korean food. We went out for Gamjatang, or hangover soup. It is made with pork spine, and you have to use the chopsticks to pull off the meat to eat it. It is really spicy and delicious.

For those that might be wondering, I have finished my 3rd month in Korea. The weather is great here still, not too cold. I have a bit of a cold, but the health care here is pretty cheap, so I'll see a doctor this week. I love Korea still. My students are wonderful, and I have made some great friends. My cat is the sweetest thing. My parents, sister, and I are going to Thailand in six and a half weeks. I am excited already.

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