November 29, 2010

Photo booths!

This weekend Laura and I had a new experience - the Korean photo booth.

The set up is a room full of photo booths with tons of girls and couples milling around. Laura and I weren't really sure what to expect, but basically you pay five dollars or so and pose for pictures with crazy backgrounds and decals.

You can add glitter, stickers, and text all over it.. even other people (like the blonde girl in the picture).

These are pretty blurry, because we didn't realize the different sizes we could pick and they ended up really small. Luckily, Laura's camera worked enough to get a general picture, because mine didn't zoom enough to work.

They print out as stickers, which we cut out and then I turned mine into magnets. We will for sure end up going back and printing bigger pictures, so look forward to seeing those sometime soon!


  1. I LOVE these things! They had them at every arcade in Japan.

  2. haha I thought of the ones you posted on your blog when I was taking them! I wish you were here. I'll bring a cardboard cut out Pat Taylor next time I go.