November 7, 2010

Halloween at St. Louis

Sorry for the belated post, but I have had internet connection troubles. For Halloween, we spent an entire day having a party, rather than Kindergarten classes (which disappointed the older students quite a bit!). It was pretty adorable.

This is Iris, one of my Korean coworkers, she wonderful.

This is my homeroom class, K-E. I am wearing a green alien mask, as this year's haunted house theme was outer space.

Martin was sick, but didn't hold him back. He wore a facemask and partied hard anyway.

I was in charge of one station of games for the students, they rotated between foreign teachers throughout the day. This is a Halloween version of twister, some of the kids were really, really good at it.

Some of the students struggled with the rules. They would follow the directions as for their left and right feet and hands... but wouldn't keep them there after I called out the next direction.

The students performed Halloween themed songs. They were choreographed and everything, it was pretty adorable.

It was a great day. The kids had a lot of fun, and it was a nice change from the regular class schedule. Halloween is a bigger deal in Korea then a lot of places, because there are so many foreigners here. I had been worried that I would be homesick during Halloween, but had plenty of fun here. Fall in Korea has been beautiful, and its been an awesome couple of weeks. I hope everyone back home had a good holiday, too.

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