May 8, 2011

Children's Day

This past Thursday was Children's Day! In Korea, this is a holiday so we got the day off work. On Wednesday, we had a big party for the kindergarten students. We did face painting, played games, and such.

I have a lot of pictures of KA - our youngest class - because they are one of my two homerooms.

This is KE, my other homeroom.

Relay races

Pretending to be a kitten

Banana phones, hah.

I have to mention that today is Mothers' Day (in Korea, its Parents' Day, by the way). To my amazing Mom, I hope today is fantastic and special, even with your daughters half a world away. To the many women that helped raise me, from my Grandma and Aunts to my teachers and mentors, thank you so much for everything. I can't explain how grateful I am for all of the women in my life and their influence on who I am today.

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  1. I had a great day, and chatted with both you and your sister. I am so glad that you can appreciate all the strong women that you have been lucky to have grown up around. Hopefully you will take the best of each of us and be amazing. love you.