May 22, 2011

Lazy weekend in Daegu

Today Laura and I wandered downtown through a festival of some sort. Lots of strange booths - one with exotic animals, lots of shopping stalls, a whole row of booths giving away Korean alcohol samples.

This is a bell at February 28th Memorial Park - a major landmark downtown in Daegu. It is the site of an uprising in response to a "fraudulent presidential election" in 1960.

Of course, posing with a bottle of Makgeolli (Korean rice wine), and waiting in line for samples of Korean beer.

Saturday, Chris and I went to the Daegu National Museum to see the National Geographic's photography exhibit. Photography inside was prohibited, but here are a few I found online that were also at the showing.

Next we went to the actual museum. Chris hadn't been, so we did the traditional printing and made clay pots. It was a fun afternoon.

See, all those semesters in 3-D art in high school finally paid off!

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  1. I think it is interesting to see the way you made the prints, because the are the same ones you sent home. Kinda neat to see the wood block and all.